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Community Involvement

Christmas Angels

Kelly and Caitlyn, the daughters of our President, Jim Manning, started Christmas Angels in 2001 as a way to help parents provide their children with multiple gifts at Christmas. Christmas Angels works with local private schools and organizations to connect with families in need.

Monetary donations are collected from a variety of sources, including our agents, past customers, the National Football League, and the Kansas City Chiefs.

The system is like a well-oiled machine: the children are given a list of items to choose from, the list is collected by the school teacher, and then sent to Christmas Angels. Christmas Angels reviews the list and prepares for the shopping.

A team of Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices agents join forces and shop for each child. Our local Walmart has been a great help in ensuring the shelves are full of toys, we have plenty of carts and a dedicated lane to check out. When it’s all said and done there are usually 15+ carts containing 600+ items for over 100 children.

The gifts are then delivered to the parents unwrapped so the parents can decide how best to present on Christmas day.

The Sunshine Kids Foundation

Sunshine Kids logo

We believe every kid deserves a childhood. The opportunity to be a kid. Sunshine in dark days. That’s why we’ve partnered with The SUNSHINE KIDS™.

The non-profit SUNSHINE KIDS™, established in 1982, is committed to bringing sunshine to young cancer patients’ lives by providing positive group activities and emotional support, helping them do what kids are supposed to do--have fun and celebrate life. The foundation provides a variety of free programs and events for kids receiving cancer treatments in hospitals across North America.

Our 2015 Sales Convention raised over $37,000 in ticket sales for the State of Rhythm – Live! concert. In 2014 alone, the network raised nearly $1.6 million for the foundation. And in the last two decades, our network has raised over $24 million.

The Sunshine Kids look forward to the day when the Foundation will no longer need to exist. But until that day, the entire Sunshine Kids family, including Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices, is dedicated to bringing joy to kids with cancer.

Talk to your Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices agent to see how you can bring sunshine into the lives of young cancer patients.